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  1. Peter Read

    So, I’ve been in the workforce for some time now. When I started in the workforce electronic data processing was a new thing in Australia. Now technology is rampant in every industry and way of life that I can think of.
    In this time I have gone from user to implementor of technology. I have experience in many industries from military, medical, finance and mining in both small business and enterprise. I have earned apparent qualifications along the way including a Master of Business and Technology.
    One thing I have noticed which becomes more irritating by the day is the attitude of the vast majority of ‘business managers’ and CEOs towards the implementing of technology into their retrospective businesses.
    I often see Senior Executives and Business owners look at technology as an expense and cut that budget to the bone or to a bare minimum only to yell and scream when things break or do not function.
    I read stories of other countries embracing tech and attempting to implement any change to provide market place advantage. I look at Australia where the government reports uptake of technical innovation in business at around 45%.
    I understand that many of our CEOs and senior managers, may be older than the modern tech wizards leaving school. I understand that all of these directors of business may not necessarily have the technical understanding to fully comprehend new technologies, however, why does it appear that we just drop the ball instead of joining the rest of the tech savvy countries.
    Or have I got it all wrong?

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